50/50 CLASS


50/50 isn't that an ice cream bar?  No!  You're in Julie's 50/50 class.  
This class is 60 minutes of unique compound movements (targeting more than one muscle group at a time) utilizing strength/weight and resistance training, infused with cardio to maximize your fitness benefits.  You will have ankle resistance cuffs on as you complete such exercises as:  walking lunges: lengthening and strengthening as you contract and extend against the resistance. Where do the bags come in?  As you complete your walking lunges, you will find yourself in front of the bag.  With gloves on Julie drives it home melding punch and kick combos to keep your heart rate up throughout.  Remember, you're still wearing ankle resistance cuffs.  You are engaging core muscles for balance as you raise your leg driving in that kick.  
Nothing will define your abs like balancing in a v-position, while simultaneously adducting/abducting (in/out) movements for those inner and outer thighs.  Be ready for a challenge and open to try anything:  ball jacks, calf raises with weights on your shoulders, bicep and hammer curls.  
The pace and fluidity of this class is such that your are continually moving from one combo exercise to the next as you are stretched to the point of fatigue improving: endurance, burning stored fat, and toning that lean muscle mass.  The music tempo and timing are purposefully calculated to keep your heart rate in the fat burning zone and focus on incorporating the right muscles groups for each exercise.  Julie's continuous encouragement and positive push  will leave you surprised that the hour has passed so quickly.

Benefits of Strength Training with Cardio
  • Burn stored body fat
  • Gain lean muscle: burns calories even after your workout
  • Raise your BMR (basal metabolic rate) the amount of calories you burn daily without exercise
  • Gain strength and flexibility- reducing the risk of injury
  • Increase stamina and endurance
  • Tone and define-look and feel great!
What are you waiting for?  Try it you'll love it!!!!!!!!