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   Sweat with your Sweetie in February
by Monique on 

"Sweat with your Sweetie" February Special
Those that Sweat together...Stay Together!
Bring a spouse, friend, sibling or Special Valentine in to take any of our fitness classes for the Entire month of February FREE

Offer Expires 02/28/2017 Excludes all Kettlebell Classes. Both people must be present to be able to take the FREE group fitness class. TRX Quick View class maybe required for certain fitness classes (call for details).  Free classes apply to NEW non-member only.
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   Kettlebell Fat Loss & Strength Registration
by Monique on 

Reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass,  and gain strength through proper nutrition combined with 3 hours per week of kettlebell training.
Learn more here

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   Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness Facebook
by Monique on 

 Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness now can be viewed on face book. When searching for us type in Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness. It will ask you if you'd like to become a fan,  click on that if you want to get the latest info on Boot Camps, workshops, etc......

Check out all previous Boot Camp pictures and the other programs offered at Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness.

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Personal training with Monique
by Runner on 

This was a great experience for me on numerous levels.
1. First of all Monique is an amazing person; she is beautiful both inside and out. She works with you in a fun and productive way and you cannot help but admire her.

2. My running has improved tremendously. As a long distance runner, it is not easy to shave a minute off a mile long run. And I was able to do this because my body became stronger. I am running the same distance in a minute less per mile and without extra exertion!

3. I got to experience what my body feels like when I have pushed myself. So this gives me an idea of how much harder I need to work to get results rather than maintain my fitness level.

4. I learned what and how to eat. I have always known that it is important to eat the right foods before and after exercise but until I experienced how great it feels to eat right and push your body I was not extremely motivated to eat right. But that has mostly changed because the feeling of a worked out, well-nourished body is incomparable.

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Personal Training
by Monique on 

Get one-on-one personal instruction and training from a certified personal instructor. Kickstart your new workout program or add to your existing program.    more
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