Core Interval Training Class


The Core Interval Training Class is a high intensity class.  In short, you will be pushed to your limits by two people who are obviously as committed to their personal fitness as they are to sharing their expertise with you.  C.I.T. has a flexible format utilizing the training strategy of muscle confusion maximizing progress.   As Tom and Ian call out moves, you're kept on your toes for the entire 60 minutes.  Be prepared for 30-60 second blasts where you work to your max, followed by a short rest or recovery, before doing it again.

  * You will raise your metabolic rate and burn fat calories  during and afterwards        as well,  using the "tabata" premise of high-intensity bursts+rest throughout the
     entirety of the class
  * Improved cardio conditioning/endurance with moves such as sprints, mountain     climbers,  box jumps,  as well as bag combos of kicks and punches
  * Increase strength, flexibility, and agility with the infusion of weights, broad                jumps, donkey kicks, and ice skater lunges

You will never get bored in this class.  It continues to evolve as the participants grow and improve.  Tom and Ian strive relentlessly to challenge, encourage, and motivate everyone in C.I.T.  Their persistence towards self-improvement is passed on with every move that they have infused into their routines.  
Come to work, come to grow, come to C.I.T!
You won't regret it!

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