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The kettlebell was developed in the 1700’s as a means of weighing crops.  It was also used in displays of strength by circus strongmen and by farmers.  The Soviets began using them to train their armies in the early 1900’s.  Widely used throughout Russia and Europe since the 1940’s as a means of building strength and conditioning, the kettlebell’s unique shape facilitates movements such as the swing, the goblet squat, and the snatch, in ways that other traditional equipment cannot.  In 1998, Pavel Tsatsouline, former Soviet Special Forces training instructor, introduced kettlebells in the US.   Monique LaFontaine -Tomaso (RKC II) first tried kettlebells in 2007.  Immediately intrigued, and wanting to incorporate bells into her training and that of her clients, Monique and Wendy Beitel (RKC ), trained from 2008-2009.At the onset of their trial instruction in kettlebells with UKB members and clients, Mo and Wendy realized that nearly all class participants lacked the ability to demonstrate a proper hinge, a critical component of the foundational “swing.”  Thus the Kettlebell Basics Class was created.  The sole purpose of this class continues to be instruction and cuing from certified instructors, in the foundational skills necessary to execute basic kettlebell moves safely and with beginning proficiency.In the Kettlebell Basics Class, participants are taught: diaphragmatic breathing, body tension, packing the shoulders, hinging, and overall body awareness.  Following the KBB class, participants are then able to enter a kettlebell class at Ultimate Kickboxing.  Although kettlebells are grossly under recognized as being one of the most versatile and powerful tools in building overall body strength and conditioning, there are still plenty of gyms and trainers using them.  It is essential to acquire training from certified instructors to prevent injury and maximize the benefits of the kettlebell. UKB is passionate about Kettlebell strength training, so much so that they developed a 16 week training program that combines a personalized nutrition plan with a progressive bell training protocol, the Kettlebell Fat Loss and Strength Program.  
In this 16-weeks, participants will train 3 days per week using a progressive training plan while implementing their personally selected nutrition plan.  In order to maximize the quality personalized instruction for everyone, UKB closes our traditional bell classes during this time.  
Through the years we have determined that comradery, accountability, and support, improved the success and experiences for our participants.  Each certified instructor will coach a team. Teams will be able to share feedback, trade recipes, and encourage one another on a more personal level. But wait!  There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition right?  Teams will receive points for attendance, and may be rewarded in the form a healthy treat or a gift card. This program gives you the confidence to meet your fitness goals and motivates you to rise to the challenge of improving your overall quality of life. If you’re still not convinced that this is your opportunity to springboard into 2017 as the healthiest version of you, then click the link below for more details.  Don’t wait too long.  This program always sells out.Kettlebell Fat Loss & Strength Program

UKB's Certified Kettlebell Instructors:

Monique LaFontaine- Tomaso, RKC II

Wendy Beitel-RKC

Steph Keeth-RKC

Martha Gates-HKC

Jolina Chavez-RKC

Coral Tomaso-HKC

Gayle McCully-HKC

Corinne Tran-HKC


*Kettlebell Basics is not offered during the months of February - May due to our Kettlebell Fat Loss and Strength Program that takes place throughout these months. Also, current members must be signed up in the program in order to attend kettlebell classes in Feb & April.

Group On and Yelp Deal purchases cannot be used towards our Kettlebell Fat Loss and Strength Program.

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