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I wanted to tell you about my experience with UKB. I needed a change in my life. Between stress, 50 hour plus work weeks, the commute to and from Beaumont, school, family, house and my dogs, I knew that afternoon classes could be an issue.  But in October 2013, I decided that I had to join UKB since any exercise is better than no exercise right? Then UKB offered a 6:15 morning class and I felt like this was a sign to me that this could actually work!! I was there for every early morning class that UKB has ever offered during the work week.  After a few months, I knew that I needed to step it up a bit and I enrolled in Bobbi’s Shred program, started to use  the “My Fitness Pal”( a calorie counter app) and started to push myself just that little bit more. This was exactly what I needed to get me back on track with cleaner eating habits.

When the morning start times changed to the early bird special (5:30 a.m.) and more morning classes were offered during the work week I was in “hog” heaven! I knew what I needed to, so I did it -- I changed my work start times to accommodate this new direction in my life, I got myself a heat rate/ cal counter, and I never missed a class no matter how exhausted I was from the night before.  These changes started to give me that firm foundation for positive fitness habits and behavior that I needed in order to be successful. These changes were not for the purpose of losing weight, but to incorporate these new behaviors into my daily routine forever.

When I joined UKB,  I only had the goal of keeping active and healthy, to get me up, moving and sweating 3-4 times a week, to help me re-learn how to make better choices when it came to eating and to stay strong in those choices, especially when everyone else is eating white cake (mmmm and with extra frosting). I went into this journey only wanting to create a new fitness habit first and foremost and now I have begun to reap the rewards of eating well and consistently working out while pushing myself to get even more reps in there and to do it better than last time.

It took my body 3 months to start giving up the jiggles and fatness and now I feel like the fatness just keeps coming off and has now been replaced by a stronger core and *gasp* some muscles that I thought were lost for good (go TRX). To some, I may not have lost a whole lot in the time that I have been here, but for me losing 13 pounds (and counting) and knowing that I am now able to do that plank for just a “few seconds” longer, that “one more” TRX move or that “one more” Bulgarian squat (yuck) is the goal that I had wanted to meet and the rest is just, lol, icing on the cake.

Thank you UKB for being here for us early birds, for being the ONLY gym around (from Beaumont to Redlands) that even offers a 5:30 am class WITHOUT being some crazy sort of boot camp! Because of you and your classes, your incredible creed and wonderful instructors you have made a difference in showing me again how to make better food choices to be consistent in meeting my fitness goals and to begin again to love working out.

Lori Ann




I stumbled across the Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness website when I was looking for a personal trainer. I wanted a trainer who would be able to put together an exercise routine that was right for me. I was tired, bored, and disappointed with the results of my current exercise routine. I spent countless hours at the gym. I would run, lift weights, and occasionally make a fool of myself in one of the step classes offered at the gym.

I watched the trainers at the local chain gym provide “personal training” to some of the members. Boy were those poor people not only getting cheated but set up for major failure! This was not what was I was looking for in a trainer.

Luckily for me I found Monique! I spoke to Monique over the phone, and it was like she could read my mind. Monique knew exactly what I was looking for in a workout. Monique tailored a workout program and eating plan for me.

Monique's workout consisted of kettlebell training among other apparatuses. Kettlebell Training has been fun and challenging. Kettlebell Training has pushed me to new limits. The best part it's cardio and weight training wrapped up in one. I am stronger, leaner, and have seen great results. I’m addicted!

I don’t think I would've been successful if it hadn't been for the atmosphere at UKB. For the first time I wasn't embarrassed, intimated, or felt under dressed at the gym. Everyone at UKB from Monique, the Instructors, to other gym goers have been a huge part of my success. You get nothing but encouragement from everyone. You are treated like family not a number. I have been very blessed to have found UKB Family!



Hello my name is Sarah Polen and I'm a senior at Redlands East Valley High School. I joined Ultimate Kickboxing and Fitness my junior year. I found that junior year was very stressful and I needed an outlet. A family friend, Martha Gates, extended an invitation for me to come and try out a class. I tried it and found it to be a great stress reliever. The classes are fun, upbeat, and the instructors are very encouraging. Needless to say I'm hooked! No pun intended. I am very glad I joined and look forward to the Ropes Course on Tuesday nights and Core/Interval training on Thursday evenings. Monique was very helpful and accommodating since I am high school student and

my schedule can become crazy. I am able to attend

on a month to month basis. So far I have enjoyed the

Ultimate Kickboxing and Fitness experience.


This gym was a great surprise for me. Coming from a traditional weight-lifting gym, I was looking for something less boring to do, and Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness definitely delivers in that aspect. Heavy bags, kettlebells, interval training, there’s always something to keep it fresh. The instructors are certified and are always thriving for you to get the proper technique. They give you individual attention and I feel this is as close you get from a personal trainer without actually hiring one. To sweeten the deal, the crowd here is great too, made a lot of friends. I’m really glad that I found this place.





I have always been just average never having the body I would like, but I never considered myself fat and I was always comfortable in my skin. In January 2012  I had my beautiful daughter; losing the baby weight and getting in shape was the last thing on my mind.

After my friend Kelly did the Kettlebell Fat Loss and Strength Burn at Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness in 2012 and received amazing results, I decided to give the gym a try. The first kickboxing class I tried, I could barely make it through and I knew I was way out of shape. There was something that I just really liked about the gym so I decided to join. I started going in July 2012 to kettlebells once or twice a week or whenever I felt like going, not being consistent at all. I got stronger with the training but I didn't lose any weight.  I wasn't committed. I only went sometimes and still ate whatever I wanted. During the holidays I didn't go at all and decided in January 2013 to get back in the gym. This summer I was going to have a toddler to keep up with and I wanted to get into shape.


Once I started the Burn I was all in. I started using My net diary to track my food and treated the gym like a job, making no excuses not to go, and only missing if I had to work. After losing 7 lbs in the first phase I thought, “I could really do this.” During phase 2 I found myself having a little more energy here and there and even finding it easier to do everyday things. As silly as it might sound even when I would sweep and mop the floor it seamed much easier and I could get it done much faster. Then during phase 3 my job made it really hard to make it to all 3 classes, so I went out and I purchased my own kettle bells.  I was able to get my training in at home.


Everyone at Ultimate Kickboxing is so encouraging and motivating not only the trainers but the people I train with.  I am always being challenged with every class I attend. I have met some amazing people who continue to push me to try new things. If I can do it anyone can do it, you just have to want it. I would recommend this gym to anyone who wants to try something new with their fitness or even a beginner like me.  

Katie, Calimesa



So, how did I come to know of the Ultimate Kickboxing Studio??
It was a gift. A wonderful gift from a wonderful man! A man that holds physical fitness in highest regard for himself and did me the favor of sharing the importance of learning what's best for our bodies, for Men and Women!
I have been up and down with my weight for a long time and decided to get serious and do something for myself that I joined a local gym and dove right in! The progress was slow as I was doing what I 'thought' was right for me and then thought I would bump it up a notch and incorporate weight training into my regimen as I heard how good weight training was for burning fat!?! I found a trainer, a BIG MUSCULAR one and away we went... I trained Mon-Fri 5-6 AM for a 1.5 years and still wasn't reaching my goal of lean body mass and a well toned body. In fact, I was lifting for mass which is what men do therefore defeating the purpose of toning and strengthening my body in a feminine way... I worked out long and hard, sometimes twice a day and still wasn't seeing the results I thought I should have...  until my boyfriend shared his insight about personal trainers and how I should be training with women and not men as our bodies are soooo different! I hadn't ever considered it until he gave me the BEST gift anyone has ever given me... An OPPORTUNITY! The opportunity to learn from someone that surely leads by example, a healthy lifestyle for herself and others. Someone that understands how a woman's body functions, the highs and lows and the complexity of being female :)
I am so thankful for the opportunity to come to know Monique and ALL the folks at Ultimate Kickboxing Studio as they have changed my life for the better! My gift, a month of personal training with Monique was the best thing that could have happened to me! She has changed my life and outlook where physical fitness is concerned. She is so knowledgeable about healthy living- diet/exercise which made the process that much easier to get on board with. She's also very patient, and challenging that you can't help but want to learn from her. Monique really knows her stuff and shares it in a way that made me want to work harder for better results- not faster results, better ones! "Technique, technique, technique" is key in everything she and the others teach at UKB. They really do have OUR best interest at heart! I have learned sooo much from her and the others at the studio that it is my pleasure and challenge to everyone I meet to try it for themselves! I have had the BEST experience here through my 'trial period' (one month training and 3 month membership) that I became a FULL TIME member of the gym and no longer go to the other gym because it doesn't meet my needs or is challenging enough to keep up with the standards set by Ultimate KB Studio! I LOVE this place and am soooo hooked on working out everyday!
I believe I am on my way to being in the best shape of my adult life and feel stronger today than I ever did lifting weights for over a year and half! Stronger as in complete fitness, not muscular strength, full body strength. This truly has been the BEST full body workout I've ever experienced and recommend it anyone that is entertaining the thought of getting into shape. I say this because I believe you too will be hooked on how good you feel after coming to the classes that you can't help but want to change your life for the better!!
I am so thankful for the GIFT I received, introduced to the Ultimate Kickboxing Studio. It has truly been the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE for me!
Monica Hally, 46-Redlands, CA





About a year ago I got the courage to get back into working out. I had been a member of Curves for many years but it was not doing enough for me and I needed a change. I knew that with my physical limitations I felt it was best to look into a trainer. Let me explain so you know where I am coming from. I am just short of turning 60 and had been a major athlete when I was younger, actually Olympic trained. Through a series of unfortunate events I had my first back surgery at age 42 after fighting having the surgery for 8 months. I recovered extremely well from the surgery and went back to working out on a regular basis including treks to Mammoth to ride the “Kamikaze” on my mountain bike. Five years later, the day before I was leaving for a backpacking trip with my husband in Zion, I woke up in severe pain and I was experiencing paralysis from the waist down. I knew that the pain was different. Needless to say I was petrified as to what on earth was happening and ticked when we had to cancel our trip. Within three hours I had my second “emergency” back surgery and ate Thanksgiving dinner in the hospital that year (I would not recommend it!). After months or recovery and other details I will not get into I still have paralysis and loss of feeling below the waste and in general pain constantly.

Keeping my physical limitations in mind I started the hunt for a trainer on the internet and by asking friends and colleagues if they had any positive experiences with a trainer. I live in Redlands and work in Riverside so I preferred a trainer that was close to home that I could train with on my way home from work.

 The on-line testimonial of Monique LaFontaine-Tomaso and Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness intrigued me, so I gave her a call and set up an appointment. Wow! is all that comes into mind! Monique is a firecracker. Full of energy, a warm hearted caring person who understood my limitations and that I would never be a skinny minnie or in the best shape of my life but I was there to feel better and get stronger, so I signed up immediately. 

The process was slow at first. She was very conscious and concerned about my limitations but between us we worked through them. Eventually she trained me in kettlebells to strengthen my core which in turn stabilized my back. I tried an alternative eating plan that put more protein in my diet and less carbohydrates and I was on the road to losing a few pounds and inches and I just felt better. She encouraged me to get into the kickboxing and kettlebells classes. Reluctant and self-conscious at first I realized that at my age if I could do it others could do it too.

 I must admit I feel better, sleep better, I’m less stressed, and don’t think I have ever sweat so much working out in my life. I no longer do individual training sessions with Monique but I do attend the kickboxing and kettlebell classes. I want to thank Monique, Wendy, Pam, Michael, Ian, Gayle,and Steph for all your words of encouragement and your cheery attitudes when we all have those stressful days.


Watch out Michael when I get the courage I will attend your “Extreme” kickboxing class!


 Lynn Cavert-Hayes




In December of 2011, I was a happy mother of a 2 year old and a 5 month old little boys. But I was very unhappy with what I looked at in the mirror, and how little bit of energy I had. So I secretly decided, like millions of other Americans, to start a weight loss plan on January 1st. My husband has always been very motivating and supportive of eating healthy and teaching our boys good eating habits. So when he realized how motivated I was to lose weight he was right with me. One day a good friend of mine posted on Facebook asking if anyone would be interested in taking a Kettle bell class with her, starting in February. I have never done Kettle bells or even cared to find out what they were, but figured it would be a good opportunity to visit with a good friend a few times a week and get a little bit of exercise in. Little did I know, what I signed myself up for!

With the Kettle Bell Burn I was sweating and working muscles I haven't felt since my competition cheer leading days. The best part I started feeling like I had way more energy, and I honestly felt stronger than before. I even started noticing changes in the way my clothes fit very quickly. I figured, I feel better, I look better, and I am in a better mood than I have been in a very long time. It clicked in my head that I was no longer going to be doing the temporary fix by dieting, but I was now making a lifestyle change for me and my family.

The 1st day we came to the Kettle bell basics class, my friend told me that she may be getting a new job that wouldn't allow her to actually be able to take the class for very long. But there was something about the gym that clicked something in my head to continue even if it was by myself. I was intrigued by the work out I got with out having to do intense cardio, I loved that fact that I could turn to a personal trainer to ask for help at any given moment and count on them to show me when I                

was doing the exercise wrong. I love the idea of classes, knowing that I have a certain class to go to at a certain time, helps to keep me accountable. I now know that to say that I used to work out at a gym once in a while was a complete falsity. I would put "work out" clothes on, I would make




the drive, I would listen to head phones while I waited and then eventually walked on a treadmill and then after 45 min. of going through the motions, I would look at the clock and say "ok im good" and walk out looking the same as when I came in. After Kettle bells I was sweaty sweaty and haggered, my heart racing still, and the occasional near throw up experience, which I know now is how you should feel after a good work out. And even though I

know I don't necessarily do the moves the right way all the time, it felt good knowing

that I was leaving knowing that I did something that would get me one step closer to my goal.

The Kettle bell burn was the perfect class for me to jump start a new change in my life with an eating plan. I changed my motto that I was eating to fuel my body and not to feed a craving. It helped me to see that with persistance, I could reach a higher goal. I am that person that is very uncomfortable starting something new by myself and to be the "odd ball" in the middle of a bunch of professionals, but once I got over it and realized no one cared what I was doing, I was able to really focus on trying to perfect the moves. I look back now and see that God had my friend open that door of opportunity for me so I could start and not be too scarred to do it alone. For me, kettlebells is my turn to work out,

 it has given me the confidence to try kickboxing and more which I would not have tried before. Ultimate kickboxing, Monique, Wendy, Steph and all the other trainers are a blessing to me and this gym is unlike any other. Your time will never be wasted by coming here and trying a class.





Kelly  Azelton is still losing weight :) Final Results

 - 33lbs

 - 5%  Body Fat

- 10 Inches

  16 to a 10 Pant size    








Catherine Testimonial 


















I first started at Ultimate Kickboxing about three ( 3) years ago when a group of us from my work started personal training with Monique. I am a runner but was looking for something to help me with overall fitness and to develop upper body strength. I didn't know anything
about kickboxing and wasn't sure how long I would continue as I don't live close. I decided to commit myself for three (3) months and see if I noticed a difference. Well, that was the beginning of a new chapter in my journey to fitness. I immediately enjoyed the intensity of the personal training and became very motivated to continue. I started feeling stronger and would frequently stay for the cardio classes afterwards when I could. When the personal training sessions came to an end I decided to stay on as I was enjoying the kickboxing so
much. I worked hard and went to all the different classes as I found I got something different from each one. I used to watch Michael and Tom and Ian's class and felt intimidated but decided to give them both a try. I had always felt like I couldn't keep up with the intensity but found it didn't matter if you couldn't do everything they did. You just do the best you can and keep working to improve and get better.

I came to really respect Monique's expertise regarding nutrition and exercise. I have learned a lot from her and enjoy the family type atmosphere at the gym. I find myself looking forward to go work out and see the friends I have made there.

n January I went skiing in Colorado and was nervous as I hadn't been on skis in close to thirty ( 30 ) years. I got out on the slopes and did so much better than I had thought I would. I had such a great time and when I got back to my room I texted Monique to tell her of my success. I really feel so fit and strong and attribute it to kickboxing. I turned sixty (60) in December and feel like I am in the best shape of my adult life.


Catherine Magana



I've been coming to Ultimate Kickboxing and Fitness for some years now, I won't tell you it's an easy workout because it's not.  I hit 59 this year and am starting to fele my age, I can't bend and twist like the younger ones but that's ok.  I am always welcome in class and encouraged to do what I can do.  I feel like I'm the modifier.  When an exercise is a little too risky for my sacroiliac I don't do the full movemet I do what I can and I stil get every bit the workout.  I truly believe that just showing up is the whole battle, because oce you get there the energy is high and you are always welcome.  I use my arms a lot punching the bag and I like that as it increases bone density by using impact.  I like kicking the bag too and sometimes I come in cranky but leave sweaty and mellow.  Monique has really done an excellent job of offering many different kinds of classes for all types, I'm encouraging her to add a seniors class (haha), I told her we are out there.


Ondi Simmons



I have struggled with weight all my life. I am very skilled at putting on weight from poor eating habits and lack of consistent exercise. Life is full of daily stresses. Eating triple cheeseburgers while watching a lot of bad television was the way I chose to relieve that stress.

On June 5, 1980 I graduated from high school and weighed 180 pounds. During the 30+ years since then I have fallen into the pattern of gaining many pounds and then losing a few. I have tried running and several different gyms, but never stuck to any consistent exercise routine for more than a few weeks. Let's face it. Exercise is boring and a whole lot of work.

My good friend Georgina has been a member of Ultimate Kickboxing for many years. She is in excellent shape, knows about my struggles with weight, and for several years tried to convince me to join. I always resisted. When she described what Ultimate Kickboxing was all about, I told her I thought it was girly and definitely not for me. I ran several times a month, and that was my choice for exercise. Plus, running is free. Unfortunately, my weight keep increasing.    

At the beginning of July 2011 my weight was 261 pounds. It was out of control. At that time I decided to take Georgina's advice and join Ultimate Kickboxing. Nothing else was working so I figured it was worth a try. At that time I also decided to change my diet. I simply had to stop gaining and start losing weight.

From the beginning I liked kickboxing. It is a lot more fun than any other form of exercise I have ever done. It is much different from running because kickboxing is not a solitary, lonely activity. When I am in a kickboxing class, I feed off of the energy of everyone there. They keep me going and help me push myself to work harder. Kickboxing is different from a gym like 24 Hour Fitness because I don't have to train and motivate myself. The instructors at Ultimate Kickboxing show me exactly what to do every step of the way. I follow their lead and get a full-body workout. It is the best and most efficient workout I have ever had.

I lost about 15 pounds during the first month after I started kickboxing. By the end of the fifth month I had lost almost 75 pounds. Now I weigh 188 pounds. That is only 8 pounds more than the day I finished high school. I have more energy now than I have had in decades. I still enjoy kickboxing, and I didn't gain a single pound during the holiday season! Now when the stresses of everyday life overwhelm me, instead of eating cheeseburgers in front of the television I go kickboxing and wail on the bags. I think that's a much better option.

Roger Rivero  


8 years ago, my body was falling apart.  I was overweight, had osteoporosis, and was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in my back and neck. I'm too young to give in so I joined kickboxing.  The cardio helped me lose weight and the bad resistance helped re-build bone and muscle strength.  I love it and noone can compare with results.  3 times a week and 8 years later, I no longer have osteo. My neck and back are strengthened and I owe this gym my health and happiness.  It hasn't gotten boring at all due to the highly motivational instructors and the varying schedule of classes.  Kickboxing is a lifestyle that can't be beat!

-Joan Moss






I  have struggled with weight all my life, mostly because I grew up with terrible eating habits and always looking for that quick fix. My parents worked long hours so I always had to fend for myself which meant "fast food" to my breakfast, lunch and dinner solutions.

As a young adult I joined every weight loss program imaginable. I have taken every magic pill under the sun with some successes and many failures but regardless, I ALWAYS gained the weight back and then some. These were all "quick" fixes to an issue that needed some serious attention and education.

One morning when I was feeling my usual "depressed" self I thought it would be a great idea to get on the scale and torture myself even more. Was I surprised to see the scale flashing 205 lbs? No, I wasn't surprised because I felt every ounce on me. I had now reached an all time low. The tears rolled down my face and acceptance had set in that I was obese and on my way to a short life span along with lots of health issues if I didn't get serious about finding the right way (the ONLY way) to a healthy new me.

My co-worker (who was also overweight) had joined Ultimate Kickboxing and would share with me her daily experiences. I cringed everyday to see how sore she was but was highly impressed how determined she was to go back and not let the soreness get to her. As the weeks went by I saw her bodychange, her self confidence grow and her motivation to eat right not be swayed by anyone. I knew I could be happy and healthy too if I would only submit and let go of the past and embrace and a new I took that first leap of faith and joined the gym.

I picked bag 616 which was in the back of the room. I was embarrassed and shy. The instructors were kind and compassionate motivating everyone as they walked around the room. At one particular time when doing their rounds, they saw my face beet red and sounding as if I was having an asthmatic attack, they kindly gave me my dignity with a smile and a "thumbs up" saying, "you're doing great, keep it up"....and I did.

I went to the gym 5 days a week and gave it my all. I worked hard, stayed focused and chose to NEVER go back to the dark-depressed, despairing-unhealthy eating habit way again. The Ultimate Kickboxing became my home away from home, a sacred and safe place for me to be me, to let go of my stresses and the pressures of daily life. I grew to love the studio and found the most loving and amazing friendships.

Ultimately, the weight started to come off and I went from a size 18 to a size 7. Let me say that again because it feels so good just writing it down, I LOST 78 lbs!!!!!! I was so ecstatic and proud of myself that I chose to give myself a new goal! I wanted to wear a bikini for my 40th birthday so I asked Monique if she could help me with personal training to get toned and lose those last 15 lbs. That crazy girl took on the challenge and we worked out hard for months.

August 10, 2010, I was surrounded by the people I love on a beach in Key West, Florida wearing a bikini with a smile on my face feeling absolutely fantastic having the time of my life.

Isn't it time for YOUR testimonial? What are YOU waiting for? Ultimate Kickboxing can help you get to your goals and dreams with the help of their amazing instructors. I am living proof that it works so don't wait, start your new life today!

Rose Perez




One year ago I made the decision that “It was time for a change”!!!! Every year I was gaining more and more weight. In December of 2008 I was at my heaviest. I didn’t have any idea of how many pounds I was until I stepped on the scale for the first time in my life. The number was shocking, 290 lbs. I couldn’t believe the number, but at the same time I knew that I had to do something about it. Diets never worked for me!!! The fact that I was restricted made everything even more desirable. I tried to work out on my own but it never seemed to make me happy. I was always bored.
One day I found a book in my friend’s house and I can say that, that particular book changed my life. The book was called “The Eat-Clean Diet”. It didn’t take long to finish it .The book really taught me how to eat clean. It showed me all the mistakes that I was doing. I learned to eat small meals every 2.5 to 3 hours and drink a lot of water. Simple swaps that made a BIG difference!!!!!
I mentioned to my friend that I wanted to find a kickboxing place near me because I knew diet and exercise go hand in hand. I couldn’t join a Gym because I thought what I can do there that I can’t do at home. Plus kickboxing was something different and it just looked so cool and fun.
My friend gave me the number of Ultimate Kickboxing and I gave them a call.
Then a lovely and an energetic voice told me that I can come and give it a try for free so I can make sure that kickboxing was really my thing.
I went the same day and I met Monique. She wrapped my hands and I was ready to go. I was so worried if I would be able to keep up with all the people in my class. They all looked like they were in great shape. I was embarrassed of myself. As soon as the class started, the beat of the music got me pumped up. The trainers were there to support me! They were helping me out and soon enough I was so into it that I no longer cared that I wasn’t as good as the rest. Becoming a member of Ultimate Kickboxing was the best thing I ever did. Not only did I gain my life and self-esteem back, but I got a lot of great friends who were and still are my support group. They all helped me learn the moves and gave me tips that made my first few months easier.
Time passed by and the weight was coming off. The first month I lost 14  lbs. I couldn’t believe it I was loosing weight, eating right and at the same time having lots of fun. For the first time I thought I had it all figured out and all thanks to Monique and the trainers at Ultimate Kickboxing. The fact that I was able to run up and down the stairs ,run on a treadmill for 20 min straight and have all the energy that I can possible have kept me going 5 days a week doing sculpting classes that made me stronger and really kicking butt in my work outs.
And now one year later almost 100 lb less I’m happier and healthier then I have ever been and I owe it all to the instructors at the Ultimate kickboxing!!!







When the stress of WASC found principal John Maloney carrying an additional 30 pounds, he started listening in earnest to his "guru" English teacher Pam Holcombe, who away from campus teaches kick boxing at Ultimate Kickboxing. For months Holcombe and school secretary, Shirley Borroughs had been after Maloney to take up the sport. His all-consuming work on the school's accreditation left him feeling stressed and out of shape. As his milestone fiftieth birthday, approached Maloney gave in to Holcombe.

Maloney worried that committing to doing kickboxing would take up valuable work time, but Holcombe convinced him to try it out. She invited him to attend three free sessions. After his initial sessions, Maloney was a believer. At first Maloney and his wife, Katie Maloney a teacher at Cram Elementary in East Highland attended classes three times a week. The couple found that kickboxing was one more way they could spend time together. They now spend five nights a week working out.

Until he found himself "addicted" to the sport, Maloney described himself as singularly unathletic and uncoachable. Working at REV, he found himself surrounded by other administrators who were jocks. Lacking a natural athleticism left Maloney feeling that he did not measure up in some situations. While he describes himself as a confident leader, sometimes being "on display" was difficult for him.

Almost a year and a half later, Maloney feels trasformed by his exercise program. He arranges his day so he can get to his aerobic kickboxing sessions with his instructor Pam Holcombe. If he leaves school at 4:00 with work undone, he returns after his class. In the seventeen months he’s been at it, he has built muscle and stamina. He is thirty pounds lighter.

And the stress? His sparring has taken it down measurably. "Hitting is a release," Maloney said. For someone who spends his workday being on, kickboxing is a time when he can lose himself. The routine and commitment of the sport have built his confidence and his resources. "Kickboxing has made me more confident about the world and how it works, and that translates into my work," Maloney said.
Maloney loves challenges. An avid reader, he tries to stretch his mind with the material he reads.
There is a parallel between the academic and the athletic Maloney. It is about continuing to grow.

If you quit growing, you're ready for the grave," Maloney said.
Not yet, Maloney.





I've struggled with my weight since I was about 8 years old. I was never active and wasn't taught to eat well. I stopped weighing myself when I reached 235 pounds but knew that I got heavier, just never had the heart to get back on the scale. As I got older, I started working out and lost enough weight to get out of the obese category but it was always a struggle. At one point, I gained a lot of it back, passing the 200 pound mark again. When I turned 30, I realized I needed to make a permanent change in my eating and exercising habits.

I gradually changed my eating habits and started going to local chain gyms but was never "into" working out. It was something I knew I should do and had to do. I grew frustrated and needed to find something interesting, something I could do for the rest of my life. One of my friends is into kickboxing and encouraged me to join her gym. I actually came across Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness by mistake, thinking it was the one she referred me to.

My first class sucked. I had just been cleared to exercise after a medical procedure and stopped half-way through the class, praying I wouldn't vomit. It seemed like everybody knew the routine that I would never learn and I was amazed at the cardio level displayed by the members. But, there was something about it I liked. It wasn't easy, wasn't boring and if I managed not to throw up, could be fun. So, I came back.

As I never participated in ANY activities or sports when I was a kid, my body didn't have anything to default to. I had to build muscle and endurance from scratch. As I was learning the moves, I didn't even feel completely comfortable in the classes for the first few months. I'm not saying this to scare people but to express that even though it was so difficult for me, I still wanted to come. My only competition was me. There were little goals I set along the way. In the last 2 ½ years, I've gone from just trying to complete an entire class to seriously trying to keep up with Monique.

Bottom line is this gym turned me into someone I'd never thought I'd be, that girl who has to go to the gym. This gym meets all the requirements experts recommend for a successful exercise regimen.

1.Work out with a buddy. Check. You get to know people over time. Sometimes, I'll get there and want to turn around and leave but don't because we are all gonna do it together. Or I'll come in thinking I won't try that hard but find it impossible not to.

2.) Do something that's fun. Check. These workouts require your full attention and there's rarely "clock watching." You get so focused on what you are doing, most times you look up and you're almost done. That's never happened to me on a treadmill. Also, you feed off other people's energy. If they are hitting the bag hard, you are motivated to do the same.

3. Mix up your exercise regimen, so your body doesn't get used to it. Check. Variety is offered in the kettlebells and sculpting classes. And although there are only about two dozen basic moves in kickboxing, I've been doing them for years and my body still hasn't gotten "used" to it. I'm always trying to take it to the next level. Between the nature of the workouts and the difference in the instructor's routines, your body doesn't get used to it.

If you are going to come here, remember that NOBODY came in and got it the first time. Everyone, no matter how long they have been there, has their own level and is trying their best, working hard at their level.

This gym has made me focus on becoming healthy, not getting into a pant size. I eat well and stay hydrated because I know it will affect my workout if I don't. I've lost almost 30 pounds since coming here and am at my lowest weight as an adult. I've gone down 3 dress sizes and having amazing endurance and strength. These are the numbers that impress people but more importantly, I've become a person who doesn't feel good if I don't exercise. It helps relieve anxiety and stress and it's an hour that I know I will have fun. I'm absolutely confident I will be able to lose the last 15 pounds, work on my body tone and maintain my weight.

I recommend this gym to everyone who wants to get healthy or improve their fitness level. It costs a little more than some local chain gyms but is more than worth it. If you're going to another gym and paying a trainer, you are spending more and wasting it. Every class here is like a personal training session. I come at least 4 times a week, more when my schedule allows. At the current rate, that's $3.44 a class. That's the price of a latte, without the calories.

Jolina Chavez







     I am so very grateful for Ultimate Kickboxing and Fitness. This place has been my saving grace and has given me the strength and health needed to be the best wife, mom and person that I can be. I started taking classes in 1998. At the time, it was in a different location and owned by someone else. It was a year after my first son was born, so I had around 20 or so pounds to lose.  The studio was rather small but the workouts were great and I learned the proper techniques to throw the punching and kicking combinations. It was very intimidating but I stuck with it and started to feel better and gained cardiovascular strength and flexibility. At the end of 2000, I was pregnant with my second son so I decided to stop working out. WRONG CHOICE! I should've continued with my routine and modify where needed. Instead I decided to stay home because I thought it was risky. After having my 2nd son, I came back to Ultimate Kickboxing. They were in the current facility and it was so much nicer with better equipment. I had around 35 lbs to lose after pregnancy. I remember trying to do crunches and struggling so bad because my abs were so weak. It was so hard but I stuck it out and new that I could do it. The instructors always push you and encourage you to make the best of the work out. After a couple of years, I was jumping leaps and bounds. I had a really stressful year in 2005 with high anxiety and panic issues. Aside from God and family helping me through it, this was the only escape I had where I could just focus on me. It got me to a healthy place physically and it helped me push through the tough emotional times. Later that year, my husband Ray joined with much success and lost 35 lbs within a few months time. Now, I go quite religiously 4 times a week. Ray isn't as hard core as I am but I tell you that this is such a big part of our life. I appreciate Monique and her husband and all the instructors for their dedication. Each of you has certain qualities that I appreciate. I love to share my story with people. This is not just a place to work out, it's a place to grow and connect with yourself and others. I tell everyone around me how much I love it. It truly is a saving grace! THANKS AND GOD BLESS! BURN FAT! KICK BUTT!

Gayle McCully




Ultimate Kickboxing has changed my life!!!!

I had tried everything else before trying kickboxing. I just couldn’t get motivated to go to the gym. I was always afraid to try group exercise classes, because I was shy and felt unfit to be a pat of it. One day I did it and everyone at Ultimate Kickboxing was so nice. All the instructors were so friendly and non judgmental.

I started personal training with Michael and eating right and before I knew it the pounds started falling off.

Now 1 year later I have lost 26 pounds and I feel great!

Cardio Kickboxing is a total body workout in just one hour….it works…and it lasts!!!!


Verena Sonstenes


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