Member Testimonials



First of all, I wanted to say thank you so much for developing and maintaining such an amazing facility for health and fitness.

What you have there is very unique and hard to find, and it makes me so happy that I found you guys and are so close to my office! Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness is definitely a welcoming place for people of all fitness levels and abilities, but that is only part of it. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and as a leader you exude health and that is so important for someone like myself who is trying to attain a higher level of physical ability and condition.

Second, I would like to say a few words about the Kettlebell training that I have been attending on a regular basis now for about 5 weeks. Although I was a little intimidated to be swinging around a cannonball with a handle at first, you and Wendy immediately made me feel relaxed and comfortable by ensuring I was using the right technique. I have come to realize just what a powerful exercise tool this really is! The unique and challenging maneuvers are so effective at engaging the deepest muscles in my core, something I have never been able to achieve with traditional weight resistance. My overall strength is clearly increasing as a result, and I can also see that I am developing more lean muscle. True story: I put on a pair of shorts today that I haven't worn in 6 weeks because the last time I put them on, I had serious muffin top going on. muffin top! Coincidence, I think not.


Anyway, the Kettlebell field trip was a blast, thank you for the lunch it was extremely generous of you to do that. Looking forward to seeing what results I can obtain if I stay at this for the next year (and beyond I hope!).


Thanks for helping me transform my mind, body and soul. Good health is something you can't put a dollar value on, so I have really gotten my money's worth!


Here's to my six pack by the end of summer :-)






Kettlebells has been the most fun, challenging, and effective workout I have ever done. I honestly have never actually FELT a difference in my body after starting a new exercise program, but after working with kettlebells, I feel stronger, slimmer, and more energetic. I love that kettlebells requires the whole body to work, because I can push myself
to the limit with weight but only feel a general fatigue after, instead of horrible soreness. Also, because itís a whole body workout, I never overstress any one muscle. Instead, Iíve noticed that over time, the same specific exercise will seem to focus on a different body part as each muscle starts to strengthen more and more. Because I feel the focus of the same exercises in different parts of my body, I keep having to adjust my concentration during each workout so I never
get bored, which is a HUGE problem for me.

Thanks to kettlebells, Iíve gained more flexibility that I had even when I was practicing yoga 3-4 times a week. (I can do the splits now, which I couldnít even do as a kid!) I have better endurance and the same mental focus as when I played high school tennis. Most importantly, Wendy, Monique, and everyone else in the classes make kettlebells a TON of fun (and sometimes a riotÖ) Overall, it really is
the best workout Iíve ever done.

- Stephanie, MD/PhD Student



I had used them a limited amount in the sculpt classes offered at UltimateKick's gym and then we were reintroduced to them after Monique and Wendy had some additional training using a different technique, which turned out to be the best. Kettlebells are amazing! The workout with them is awesome and fun. What else provides strength and cardio at the same time? I've been doing kickboxing and sculpt classes for about 6 years. Adding the sculpt classes definitely improved my success in fitness. Although once I started the kettlebells, I said forget those darn weights!!!! After doing kettlebells, I've noticed an overall body toning. Furthermore, I've increased my strength much more than before with just free weights, especially my core.  After a kettlebell workout you've worked everything and the next day you aren't so sore in one particular spot like with weights. I have an overall body type of soreness, but I just feel that ah-ha as in I've completely worked my whole body. It's a fabulous workout and one where you can have fun!  Monique and Wendy are awesome trainers & will help you meet your fitness goals!


Nurse Practioner




I first started to use the bells many months ago and thought I would not like them as much as free weights, but I did. I see the difference in my body and it makes me want to use them more.  I also feel it is making me stronger which I love. I slowly keep moving up in weight. I can't believe I started with a 9 pound bell and now I am using 26 pound, 35 pound or 44 pound bells. I am now working out in the mornings at home with my own kettlebells and go to class as well. Going to class is very motivating because we see each other and push each other. We all love working out in class and love that we can all count on each other to help each other out. Another thing I love about kettlebells is that we can use them everyday for cardio conditioning or strength training as long as you rotate your routine. It's not like free weights were you were only able to use them every other day or were only able to work out your upper body one day then the lower body on the next day. With kettlebells, you get an entire body work out and it feels great! Thank you, Monique and Wendy for introducing us to kettlebells. We all love feeling stronger!

RDA, Registered Dental Assistant




A Kettlebell workout is a total body workout and you will see the results of a total body transformation, just as I did!

I had hit a plateau in my weight and wasnít getting any results from kickboxing. After incorporating kettlebells, I have lost 10.5 lbs which may not seem like a lot, but the inches keep coming off (especially in the mid section). I am down 2 sizes with more toned, lean muscles. These results are from doing only two kettlebell workouts a week with my kickboxing classes. Besides getting great results from the workout, the kettlebell workout is a three in one package deal; you will get a cardio, strength and flexibility workout. When I first started the kettlebell workout I was using a 9 lb weight, which seemed to be very heavy at the time, and now I am using 35 lbs. I have tripled my strength!  Kettlebell workouts are very empowering and challenging to me, which gives me an awesome training experience.  The kettlebell class has also improved my ability in kickboxing:  my punches and kicks are stronger, and my endurance has improved. Overall the kettlebell workout is a lot of fun and very addicting.  I recommend taking the class, you will see results, plus itís fun, and you get to meet great friends.

                                                                           Rock It! Swing It! Snatch It!


                                                                                            RN, Surgical Trauma ICU




Regular exercise has been a part of my life for over 14 years now.

The workouts were still difficult and I felt my cardio health was good, but something was missing.


At age 52 bone loss is starting to become a concern of mine. Of course weight lifting helps with this, but the thought of that just wasnít appealing to me. Then kettlebells were introduced to me, and I immediately was hooked. It is not only strength training, but cardio as well. I started out with just a 9 pound kettlebell (at that time I thought that was heavy), but now I just giggle inside as I trill around a 26 lb for most of the kettlebell exercises. I now have muscles that I think are really sexy. Not only that, I feel powerful.

My husband noticed my new muscles and strength and he has started training with kettlebells.


The added benefit is we sleep like babies after a class, and my muscles arenít sore like they get with traditional weight lifting.

Thank you for always being on the cutting edge.


Angela Fritzsche


Office Manager 


An Excellent Instructor 

Monique is knowledgeable, helpful, and she has a keen sense of being able to communicate how to develop, complete and maintain an excellent workout. She is able to motivate her students and help them to exceed their goals.


Wendy is a great and inspiring instructor! Thank you so very much Wendy for all your help, insight, and commitment to my health.


Shana / Redlands 

Pushes you to the Limit! 

I've been at Monique's gym for almost 3 years now and since she has introduced kettlebell classes I have been addicted! She is an excellent educator and a stickler for "proper form." One of the many perks of being a member at her gym. You get great one-on-one even during the group class to ensure great results. I feel lucky to be taught by the only two true RKC instructors of our area!!!!

Even Runners can do Kettlebells! 

I started Kettlebells with Wendy last August after I pulled a groin muscle while running my second half marathon. I couldn't even jog after my injury and had tried going to a Sports therapist for relief. My M.D. said to just lay off of running. Determined to get back, Wendy helped me understand how important strength training was for runners. Kettlebells has helped rehabilitate my injury making me a stronger runner and overall stronger person! I love kettlebells and the results I am seeing. Thank you Wendy for your advice and training. You are awesome!

Jackie Lising/Redlands, Ca


Thanks! I'm loving the program and most importantly.. it's working!


Ana C. / Loma Linda

Great Example! 

Monique has set a great example for us to follow. Her dedication to the studio and kettlebells has really made the difference! I am a firm believer in lead by example, and she does that. Monique knows the moves well and emphasizes
the importance of using your core and doing the excercises correctly. Her attention to detail assists in getting the most of the workout. Love her classes!

Great Motivator! 

I've been in kettlebells for over 2 years. Kettlebells require proper form
and technique. Wendy is detailed in instruction and shows the moves well. She
pushes you to kettle with strength and power in every move. I am very satisfied
and will continue to go to her classes. GREAT JOB, Wendy!




Love the bells! 

Monique runs the best gym I could find in my area. Also the only gym that  delivers high quality RKC oriented kettlebell classes. I am a willing and grateful victim of the challenging program at Ultimate Kickboxing. I have made
great gains in endurance, strength, and agility; without injury of any kind. Not only that, but the kettlebell workouts impart the sort of strength that one can use all day every day, to live a healthier and pain free day. No more back,
knee, or hip problems. Thanks Monique!

Leadership by example 

Wendy is one of the best instructors I have ever encountered. She motivates by setting the example, which is the best form of leadership. I always look forward to my kettlebell workouts with her. It is good to know that the sport
has such an able advocate.


David / Redlands, CA USA  


Break through the plateau! 

I recently joined the gym that Monique owns and I have seen significant changes in my body since joining. I especially noticed my body become more toned and defined with the kettlebell's class. Monique is an inspiring and knowledgable instructor! Before joining her gym I had regularly worked out for years but had reached a point where I wasn't seeing any new results. Not only has Monique's gym help me break through the plateau but it's given me new motivation with the fun workouts and classes the gym offers! 

Optimal results 

I have been regularly attending Wendy's Kettlebell's class for nearly 6 months now. I have seen significant changes in my body becoming more toned and defined with this class. I appreciate the well thought out kettlebell's program that Wendy has put together in phases that have yielded optimal results in pushing me to become stronger and progress in my kettlebell training. Wendy is also very adept in teaching correct form when doing kettlebell exercises. With the help of a knowledgeable instructor kettlebells has truly improved my health and strength 10 fold!!!     


Sonoe, Redlands Ca

Total Boby Strength! 

I've been back to this gym for 2 years now. I had taken some time off as I had 2 babies back to back. I never thought my body could come back as easily as it has, but thanks to the kettlebell classes & great instruction from Monique, my body has bounced back & I've become a lot stronger. The kettlebell classes give you a full body work out & really target your core. Monique really makes classes worth all the hard work & sweat! She loves a challenge and pushes everyone to another level which makes classes so much more enjoyable.


Dinesh, Redlands



Inspiring Results!

I have been taking kettlebell classes now for about 4 months at Ultimate Kickboxing and Fitness and have seen the best results in my body. Monique has been an inspiring and motivating instructor. She is knowledgeable and precise in her workouts. This new workout has been such a great challenge!!

That extra push!!

I have been a kickboxing instructor for 10 years and have enjoyed how hard of a workout it is, but when I started working out with Wendy on kettlebells I saw such great results. My energy level is higher, I have great strength and my flexibility has improved. Wendy has been a great instructor and inspiring.


Julie, Redlands

Kettlebells Rock!
I've been a member of the gym that Monique owns for quite a few years. Since, Monique took ownership she's been able to push us even more. She's been using kettlebells now a little over 2 years and it's been such an amazing workout! Definitely, a new way to "push" us to do even more and even surprise ourselves with what we can do. Monique is a fabulous instructor, finds ways to help you outdo yourself even when you thought you couldn't, meet one's personal goals, and keep one motivated. Love Kettlebells!
 Awesome kettlebell instructor!
Since I've added kettlebells to my workout, I've gotten some great results and couldn't have done it without Wendy. She's an amazing instructor, pushes you hard, gives many alternatives as in our kettlebells classes it ranges from beginner to advanced and always makes sure we're doing the right form so we can get the most out of our kettlebell workout. She's definitely able to tailor a workout just for your needs, even in a group class.

Steph,  San Bernardino

Great Full Body Workout!

I started working out at Monique's gym before she started kettlebells. When she first started classes, I was intimidated but intrigued enough to try. It takes time but once you get kettlebells down, you won't go back. They give a full body work out, with concentration on the core. Your waist gets smaller and more defined. Just today I had a 200 lb, 6'4" man tell he started using kettlebells and the 15-pound bells were so heavy. I do the same exercise with 26 pound bells! Like I told him, the moves are subtle, so it's worth it to get a certified trainer. Its not as easy as it looks. Monique is the best and her personality insures you get a great workout and have fun too.


Jolina/ Yucaipa

Awesome instructor!

I've taken Monique's kettlebell classes and also taken some personal training from her for >2 years. Monique she has an in-depth understanding kettlebell training and she's also funny and wacky!

In her personal training class, you'll learn specific step-by-step instructions to do the kettlebell exercises, protect yourself from injury, and push yourself to your personal best. All specific to your goals and abilities.

Her group classes are also motivating and really fun! The people that go there are friendly and not intimidating. There is a family atmosphere so the classes are not so threatening to the timid.

As a customer, Monique has helped me stay fit, maintain my health, and feed my competitive edge. I can't say enough great things about her.


Olive / Redlands, Ca