TRX Testimonials

I started using the TRX while I was pregnant and it was the perfect exercise for me. It worked on so many target areas like my arms, legs, cardio and core at the same time.  It gave me the balance I needed while being pregnant. I was able to do the modified exercises till the last month of pregnancy which gave me more energy throughout the day. I'm looking forward to getting back on it to lose the baby weight!

Rhea Yap Waters

I started taking TRX classes in January and I love them. I love that I get a full body workout with one piece of equipment. Using my body weight is a bonus. I love that even if I am targeting a muscle group, the workout ends up being a full body exercise because my core is engaged. The trainers are amazing and create amazing workouts that keep my body guessing and I don't get bored with the workouts. I never feel like I wasted my time when I take a TRX class.

Jennifer  Mullen Croteau

I have used the TRX  since September of 2014 two times a week. In the beginning I felt unbalanced because I didn't know how to use the TRX. Now, after regularly using the trainer and practicing, I feel more confident and trust the trainer. I move with more confidence while on the trainer and the exercises we do are excellent. I feel stable and strong!  (English translation)    


I love it. It's surprisingly challenging. I have one at home as well and it's an amazing whole body exercise. You have to engage your entire core with every single movement. It pairs well with any of your current exercises, like Kettlebells or barbell power lifts. After teaching it for eight months, I see more muscle definition in my stubborn back and shoulder areas. I can also see progress in the members who often take the trx courses. TRX has enhanced all other areas of my training by making me more aware of proper muscle engaging and whole body movements. It also helps me work on my weaknesses. You can quickly see if one side of your body is stronger than the other, since your entire workout depends on your body's functional natural movement. My lifts and kettlebell workouts have become stronger with the use of TRX.

Jackie Lising

TRX Certified Instructor

I currently workout with the TRX two times a week.  I like that it feels somewhat low impact on the joints, but yet you feel the burn in your muscles.  TRX is not intimidating like a heavy weight or bell that you have to lift, but yet you work hard using your own body weight!

Anita Ruiz

I  started working out at  AKB , lost some weight and enjoyed it,  but then just maintained it. Then tried Power,  Strength, & Rope Burn class and really felt like it was a good workout, but  my hours fluctuate, so I would always miss it. I started to attend the 5:30am Hump Day work outs with Jackie. She introduced the TRX and I feel it has strengthened my core and improved my endurance. Hump day was canceled and I started to attend the 5:30am TRX workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was a struggle to wake up so early but after the workout i felt more energized. I truly love working out using the  TRX.

Jacqueline Garcia

I fell in love with TRX when the gym introduced it for the first time. It has really helped in training and strengthening my core. On the days I need a challenge, I can adjust my position to get a great workout without having to stop to change the size of the weight I'm using, and on days I'm just not feeling it,  I can still get a great workout at my own pace and not feel like I'm not keeping up. I've gotten stronger and have more flexibility since I started using the TRX, I've really noticed the advancement since starting and I'm always excited when I can get to the next level on the trainer. Thanks to getting comfortable with the trainer I no longer hate the ab roller :) The TRX ab roll out exercise has helped a lot with that.

Angie :)

I love it! Great to do 2-3 times a week. Good for strength training and endurance!


TRX  Certified Instructor

For years Iíve utilized kettlebells for my own resistance training because I felt nothing could match the full-body tension thatís required when using a kettlebell for strength training.  However, Iím always seeking out different types of apparatuses that will develop my own strength, my personal training clients, and my members here at Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness. While taking the TRX certification course, I could feel that the TRX exercises not only met, but exceed my training expectations.  For instance, when I first attempted the TRX side plank getting into the position was challenging, but once I familiarized myself with the movement, I was able to achieve success and gain even greater confidence with the other exercises.  

Plus, I have personally discovered the dramatic results when utilizing the TRX in personal training. The sheer beauty of witnessing the joy of success on the faces of my clients is priceless.  TRX truly offers something for all fitness levels: from the post- operative rehab individual, the deconditioned client who wants to get back in shape after a lengthy hiatus, to the weekend warrior and beyond. 

Monique LaFontaine-Tomaso, TRX,RKC, SFG,CPT,FMS, & Batting Ropes Certified Instructor